Welcome to our amazing nursery!

We are a small, well established pre-school with a good local reputation. We have spaces for 16 children, catering for 3 and 4 year olds during term time. We offer funded places and are open from 9.15 to 12.15 Monday to Friday.
At Courtyard Nursery we provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment. We offer a wide range and variety of opportunities and activities to meet the emotional, creative, physical and educational needs of the pre-school child as recommended by Ofsted.
The experiences and activities that children encounter in pre-school provide an essential foundation for later learning.
We aim to develop social skills as children play together with the support of friendly adults, sharing experiences and respecting one another.
We tailor education to individual needs to help children to be independent and to reach their full potential.

How we work

Our setting is one large room divided into activity areas, such as art, home corner, technology and book corner.

We operate a structure where children’s interests inform our planning and, being very well resourced we are able to offer a changing and therefore stimulating environment. There is a good balance between directed and self-chosen activities. Children have access to a wide variety of toys and equipment and are encouraged to choose from these independently, something which is important for them starting school.

Outside space

Our outside space is divided into four or five activity areas allowing children to choose how and where they play. It also allows for evolution into whole group activities involving all the children where joining in, cooperating and sharing are of paramount importance. For example, the children may create a ship or train from waffle blocks and undertake imaginative journeys.

Little bit more about us

We have an environment in which we celebrate children’s different cultures and backgrounds such as everyone learning to count in each other’s home language and celebrating religious festivals e.g. Diwali and Chinese New Year with the help of parents if possible.

We track children’s progress in line with the EYFS, and aim for your child to be able to write their own name, recognise the letters of the alphabet and count to 20 by the time they start school.